Peter Schouten Wildlife Artist

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The superb artwork of wildlife illustrator Peter Schouten. Click here to view the Galleries.

Working in watercolour, gouache and acrylics on either canvas or paper, Peter's work features in books such as "Prehistoric Animals of Australia", "A Gap in Nature", "Astonishing Animals", "Possums of the World", "Tree Kangaroos A Curious Natural History", "Encyclopedia of Asian Food", and "Feathered Dinosaurs"

He has been commissioned by Australia Post, Telstra (Australia), QANTAS Airways Ltd, Papua New Guinea Post, Naturalis Museum Leiden (Netherlands), Franklin Mint, National Geographic, Natural History Magazine, and Wildlife Conservation Magazine, to name just a few.

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The name is pronounced Scouten - dropping the 'h' scout-on, and is regularly misspelt Peter Schoulton, Peter Schouton. We include these other spellings for those trying to find this page on google: Peter schulton, Peter Sculton Scooten Scholten Peter Sholten Shoulton